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ATTENTION: All programs downloaded from this page need an unzipping utility to use them. If you don't have one, then try this Evaluation Version of WinZip.

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Use the slider controls to dial in the color you want and get their RGB and hexadecimal values.

Download Slider

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Rename a single file or multiple files you want to rename by holding down the "control" button and clicking on the file name with the mouse, or select all the files in a folder with a single click. Does several file types and will undo your last operation if needed. For ALL "Windows"... 95 and up.

Download File Renamer

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DUITestB: This program uses the 'Widmark Formula' to calculate BAC levels and is for testing your reaction and coordination times while consuming alcohol. It reports and keeps track of the number and type of drinks consumed, total ounces of alcohol consumed, your current BAC, and the time your BAC will reach ZERO. It can also "Familiarize" you to when you are over the limit. Please don't use this program to drink and drive. There are many variable factors as to your BAC level and your ability to operate machinery or a motor vehicle. Remember, the only test that matters is the one the police, or the company administers. You must agree to assume all liability for the use and/or misuse of this program to download it. For ALL "Windows"... 3.1 and up. Download DUITestB